Fiction Friday – Seeking Insight

The serial flash fiction has largely run its course. I am still thinking I may add one last ‘chapter’ that draws things in. There is a lot I could do further with this storyline, but trying to keep it packaged into tight self-contained stories of roughly 500 to 600 words is growing ever more difficult since much of the information could easily be confusing for someone not aware of each flash fiction that came before. Presumably at some point in the future I will go in and tighten up each of the individual stories as well as the overall narrative. At that time, I will add 3 or 4 more chapters amid the others to create a sub-plot and then package the whole thing as an inexpensive ebook for those who might be interested.

What I want to know, is do people feel that a single finishing ‘chapter’ will be enough of a wrap up to feel satisfied? There will be open aspects to the story of course and questions of what comes after, but perhaps I can address those in a full novel in the future that allows me more freedom to explore the setting and situations. Please feel free to comment in the comment section below. If you feel a little shy for some reason, then you can of course reach me at the email provided on the main site. I really am curious to get people’s input on the serial flash fiction and perhaps gauge the success of the experiment overall. Once I have some opinions to go off of, I will probably do a final ‘chapter’ and set about looking into how best to produce the ebook version.

Until then, Fiction Friday is going to return to more random expressions of short fiction and fiction-related topics. Thank you in advance to anyone who comments or emails.

What are your thoughts?

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