Fiction Friday – Epitaph

So hectic here with a move and all of the things I have to do that I very nearly lost track of the day. Since I am not really free to sit down and do as planned with today, I will instead give you a poem that has a very special meaning to me.

The Serial Flash Fiction will begin next week when things are settled down again. As for this poem, it was something I wrote after what was to be my second child miscarried very early in the pregnancy. There was a lot going on at that time and I was not seeming particularly enthusiastic about a new child. After the miscarriage, my wife and I talked about it at length. That night this poem came to me and seemed to sum up a lot of what I was feeling. It was my way of trying to make peace with the situation.

I am not sure it really counts as fiction, but I do know the poem is one of the most meaningful I have ever written and I hope that you can find something touching out of that terrible event in this poem.


I never met you, but loved you all the same.
I can’t know if you were boy or girl, you never had a name.
So many things remain about you, things I will never know.
I’ll never hear you laugh. I’ll never watch you grow.
My excitement and wonder were subdued for you, another was my first.
I should have shown it better and you might not have suffered this curse.
When I finally pass from this world, it’s this that I’m going to pray;
That I prove myself worthy of heaven, so that I’ll finally meet you in person that day.

What are your thoughts?

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