Fiction Friday – 6 Two-Sentence Love Stories

I decided to try something new with this series of two sentence long ultra flash fiction. Horror and fantasy worked well enough, but I wondered if a love story could be told in such a short span. If so, can it have the same impact? That will be up to you to decide.


I spilled my drink on her, tripped over the valet, banged my head on the side of the car and then nearly tipped us both into the river when I slipped on the rail on what has to have been the worst date of my life. Two decades together and I still thank God she went out with me again anyway.

She gave my heart wings to soar with just from being near to her. I just can’t say it yet until I know if her heart feels the same way.

My life has been an unending string of deserts; salt, sand and parched earth under a blazing sun. Until I met her, every oasis had been a mirage.

For years, they complained to one another about their problems with dating and relationships. One pasta dinner alone together and they never complained again.

Whenever they were parted, she couldn’t help but miss him as though she’d lost him. When they were together, she lost herself.

Years of jealousy caused him to mistrust her intentions with other men to the point of driving her away. Years of working to let jealousy go and trust again cemented her to his side.

What are your thoughts?

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