Fiction Friday – 5 Stories in 3 Sentences

1. With the kids away and the house was ours. As we embraced, movement drew my eye. I know I put that stuffed bear away already, so why was it sitting by the blender now?

2. I hung up the phone on the prankster who was claiming to be my dead love. It dropped to the recent calls menu, but didn’t list anything for the call I’d just received. Wait, no, it couldn’t have been.

3. She opened her eyes slowly, vision not immediately returning after awakening from the hundred years of cursed sleep. The fuzzy figure before her must be the one who had broken the curse. Her heart went cold when she heard the voice of the witch who’d put the curse on her complaining, “How long does it take to thaw out dinner?” from behind whoever stood before her.

4. The little creature snarled at me from the shadowy corner, its large eyes focused on me and a faint smirking expression to the way it gnashed its teeth. Suddenly it charged, pouncing on me with all of the force it could muster. “I’m dinosaur” my son growled before kissing me and running away again.

5. It looked like a found footage film with someone moving through the bushes. The camera was pointed down as the person entered a house. The camera shifted for a moment as a knife was pulled from a drawer and she could swear that kitchen was identical to her own.

What are your thoughts?

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