Fiction Friday – 5 Fantasy Stories in 2 Sentences


Stomping her foot and scowling, the little girl screamed, “I WANTED A UNICORN!” “They don’t exist.” her father soothed as her mother led the Pegasus back to the stable.


The little troll licked it’s lips at the smell of something cooking. He was thankful he’d not eaten that girl who’d promised to cook him something delicious if he just hid out of sight for a while in this nice warm pot.


Locked in combat for hours, the treasury guards were finally able to repel the attackers. Weary, they entered the vault only to find it empty of all but a note that read, ‘Thanks for all the noise!”

Finally at the top of the tower, he pulled himself through the window. The princess rushed over, “Oh thank you for coming to rescue me, but why didn’t you use the door on the other side of the tower?”

The fairy across the bar made a lewd gesture in his direction, so he returned in kind. He soon regretted that he’d not considered the Ogre just past the fairy had been looking his way at the time.

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