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Dr. Harris Foster has discovered the cure for a modern plague, then gone missing. His daughter convinces the company funding him to let her own team look for him. They find out that the cure isn’t the only thing Dr. Foster found. The race to find him is being observed by a pair of eyes in the night.

Dr. Harris Foster was a field researcher in search of anything that might stem the plague devastating humanity. His successful testing of a potential cure comes on the wake of news that his daughter’s infection. Risking more than he realizes, he attempts to gather a live specimen. A backup for those the tribal shaman gave him.

Word of both his disappearance and the cure of his daughter travel fast. Taking it upon herself, Laura Foster pulls together a team and coaxes the company to let her lead the search. What they find is unlike anything they were expecting.

Nighteyes is a serialized flash fiction story. Each of the 15 stories is a stand-alone flash fiction, but as a whole they explore a strange series of events that lead to a discovery that could shake the pillars of known science.

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– Rich Albright

Book categories: Adventure, Fiction, and Science Fiction