Another missed Friday

Friday seems to be a particularly difficult day for me. Many times this is when a lot is happening and even when I get a head start on a short fiction, it isn’t easy to have it done in a day or two and still be something I feel is worthy of posting. It is in these moments that I question the set rigid schedule of postings the most.

As a writer, I am expected to meet deadlines. That isn’t an option, it is a set requirement. So it must look poorly when I regularly miss a schedule deadline for something so seemingly small. I have considered using the 100th posting to set aside the schedule and replace it with less rigid guidelines for posting. In that case, 3 times a week still, but not on set days or topics. Instead I would write on whatever struck my fancy as so many other bloggers do.

The biggest issue with this is that I would fall into writing often on some topics and infrequently on others. I wonder if my readers have opinions on this. Are there certain topics you really enjoy reading about? Does knowing what will be posted on a given day make it more accessible to you? I would love to have input on this matter to help me decide where to go in the very near future.

One thought on “Another missed Friday

  1. D

    As a newer reader of this site, I’m still accessing older postings. However I appreciate the willingness of an author to commit to a schedule of postings. But ” life” does get in the way.


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