A Place of My Own.

I am now going to be my own editor it seems, but that is the price I pay for going it alone. It is possible that I might post articles elsewhere online. In fact, it is rather likely. This is now going to be my go-to place for writing articles now however. Finding a place for each new aspect of my online writing campaign has been interesting to say the least.

First came a few articles. Then when the writing online managed to build enough funds to pay for the upkeep of a website, that came next. A fan page on Facebook became a general outlet to keep those who enjoyed my articles informed of new ones as well as where certain items were in the development process.

After that, a timid toe into the waters of Twitter. I still find that one difficult to use. It has improved my ability to get a point across with brevity, but I find that it is not really something I am sure what to do with most of the time. Retweet words of wisdom now and then, an occasional musing and of course, links to new articles for those who don’t follow the Facebook feed.

And now, a blog. Why? Well as I said above, I want to be able to put forward articles. If you are curious about what prompted the shift from former online article sites to a personal blog, feel free to go to the about section and read over how it came to this point and what I want this to be.

D. X. Logan