5 Science Fiction Two-Sentence Stories

Another of the ventures into two sentence stories, this time I focus on science fiction. The second one may take a few moments to become clear, but I thought it was mildly clever. Then again, if no one gets it, I suppose it’s a dud instead.


“Daddy, do you think we’ll ever go into space?”
“They say we’ll have someone as far as earth within the next twenty years.”

“I’ll throw this switch and go back in time five seconds to show you.”
“How are you going to prove it works?”

The strain of days awake fed the President’s indecision as his hand hovered in place. Consciousness collapsed in on itself for only a moment, but it was enough time that his weight slumped down on the red button.

First contact from a world-wide alien signal has finally happened! Let’s hope our muscles locking up was an unintended side-effect.

The robot stood at the counter of the store, patiently waiting for someone to enter and make a purchase. That the last living human had died three hundred years prior didn’t factor into its task.

What are your thoughts?

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